The Dream Chart

Note: This is my first article in English. Since moving to the US two years ago, one of my biggest goals was to become completely fluent in English. This is a great way for me to work on my writing skills, so please understand that if you’re used to reading in Spanish.  For the English readers out there, welcome!

I believe that in order to achieve our goals, we need first to visualize a complete scenario of what we want or the change we want to see in our lives. Giving clear instructions to our brains will better enable us to find ways to make our dreams come true.

Remember that something bigger (for me, God) is there for helping you out, but you still need to work for those dreams, nothing will come if you are laying down in bed being lazy.

How can we make our dreams become real if we haven’t clearly defined them?

Below is an example of the dreams and goals I have for the next 3 years, I’ve called it my Dream Chart. I want to publish my book before I turn 30, so I added some images of my favorite writers and people I admire. I also added some images that remind me that my marriage is a priority, examples of the job or career I want to pursue, the type of car I liked (my husband helped this come true earlier this month :)) and that I want to be able to work from home. This chart reminds me that I have a lot of things to focus on and my goals. I just like to make them visual so I can revisit them anytime I feel lost. dream chart example

We all are work in progress. Don´t be afraid to dream, but you must work to make them come true, and don´t be afraid to fail.

Un comentario en “The Dream Chart

  1. Prima, te quiero mucho y disfruto de tú sencibilidad, se que has logrado todos los sueños que has perseguido y que seguiras logrando tus sueños en puerta. Estoy anciosa de leer tu libro.
    Que bueno que tienes este blog donde alientas a los jovenes a seguir adelante en estos tiempos en donde todos necesitamos mas amor.
    Que bueno que tu prioridad es tu matrimonio pues seras un ejemplo para muchas parejas jovenes.

    Felicidades por todos tus proyectos!

    Me gusta

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